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Worship Leader

Job description 
(Part - Time)

           Supervised by:  The Pastor.

           Principal Function:

                  The Worship Leader is responsible for leading The Church in a program of worship, nurture, and outreach through music ministry.  The Worship Leader will also assist in pastoral ministries.  The Worship Leader will direct the Audio/Visual Team, and volunteers who will assist in the duties of the Worship Leader.  Take an active role in all Church-wide activities.


Committee Responsibilities:

                  The Worship Leader will serve as a staff representative on The Church Leadership Council.



                  1.   Assist the Pastor in planning, coordinating and leading all the worship services.


                  2.   Direct the adult choir rehearsals.  Coordinate musical selections with sermon topics                            when possible.  Promote faithful attendance among choir members.


                  3.   Submit an annual Music Ministry budget to the Budget and Finance Committee for

                        Approval, and administer the approved budget.


                  4.   Make recommendations to the Personnel Committee concerning the selection of paid

                        accompanists, and supervise these positions.


                  5.   Be responsible for the purchase and maintenance of music literature, supplies and

                        equipment.  Be thoroughly familiar with copyright laws, and seek compliance with                                them in the use of all materials in the church music ministry programs.


                  6.   Lead in the enlisting and training of volunteer workers in cooperation with the                                      Nominating Committee.


                  7.   Furnish music information for the church family through church bulletins, newsletters,                         etc.


                  8.   Engage in personal studies, clinics and conferences that enhance spiritual growth and

                        vocational skills.


                  9.   Actively participate in weekly staff meetings.

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